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RTHK "香港有你 2017 Transformers" James Law with Raymond Fung in conversation with Raymond Yeung

09 Nov 2020

James Law with Raymond Fung in conversation with Raymond Yeung on RTHK "香港有你 2017 Transformers" on Channel 31 RTHK in Hong Kong about their experiences and opinion about state of architecture today through their own careers.


In recent years, is Hong Kong's architectural design dull? is it not in harmony for people?


What are the biggest obstacle to the development of architectural design in Hong Kong?


Can the general public influence the future of Hong Kong architecture by enhancing the appreciation of the buildings?


"Hong Kong has you" invited senior architect Raymond Fung, Wing Kee and cutting-edge architect James Law, Fat Lai to start cross-generation dialogue, about their architectural ideas, and to talk about the future development of Hong Kong young architects and their prospects.


From Hong Kong Tin Shui Wai to Mumbai, India, and then to the Middle East of Dubai, we take a look at their architectural works to understand how the building and nature become integrated, how the future of the building is with innovative technology, so that our living space can continue to embrace the bright sunshine, fresh air and clean water sustainably.


In the face of a conservative bureaucracy, the lack of creative demand for developers, and the constraints of the international construction market, the two architects shares their experiences on how they have tried step by step to achieve their own architectural dream.