Project / Entertainment / Broadway Cinema Ningbo

Broadway Cinema Ningbo is located at Ningbo In-City Shopping Mall, a brand-new shopping mall with loads of international brand names. The cinema has a size of 3500sq.m. and has 7 auditoriums which have a capacity for nearly 1200 cinema-goers. It is the 21st cinema opened by Broadway Cinemas.

The lobby design of Ningbo Broadway is like an iconic giant abstract spider sculpture which creates envelopes of the foyer space of an innovative futuristic cinema. The sculpture seems to kinetically rotate and unfurl creating a dynamism and surprise as customers travel within it.

The corridor design is illuminated by smart glowing LED Glass panels, which the linear lighting effect directs customers to the cinema houses in a simple and futuristic way. The LED Glass panel can change different colours to suit different events and occasions for the cinema. It is so flexible for the operator to create variable ambiences using our smart system.

Broadway Cinema Ningbo is a breakthrough project in design as the use of Cybertecture here provides audience with the ultimate in comfort and luxury. We will continue our ambition in fusing technology with state of- the-art architecture with our designs.